About Us

Welcome to The World Of Sir Lance's Lot

In nineteen eighty-six Lance William, our company’s namesake was less than a year old when Halloween rolled around. Being the family’s sweet dumpling as the first child in over two decades, and throwing into the mix that it would be baby’s first holiday celebration, it became a priority to create an unforgettable atmosphere with costume to match. So, at the last minute, out of an old pair of curtains, other scraps of material, and a mother’s desperate ingenuity, a yellow chick jumper with ruffled feathers, beaked hood, and orange booties to match was put together at the dining room table. It was a hit with the family and neighbors and there hasn’t been a break since.

We’ve gone through a myriad of growing pains and children since then. Be them family, friends, or neighbors, we’ve established relationships that have carried some from “Birth to Prom”, therefore, our motto. Over the years, we’ve assembled a group seamstresses and hand craft artisans who create unique one of a kind creations that will make your child feel unique on his or her special day.

Please note that our creations are for the most part, one of a kind, and no two pieces are exactly alike. Whether you choose from our small ready made line, or an outfit especially created for you, we promise you will be pleased.

Everything is overseen by Lupe, founder and CEO. She is the extraordinary force that keeps us on the creative edge. Helping her out is the trustworthy team of Adelina our Director of Sparkle and Bling and Bill co-founder and CFO, who handles everything from sales to operations and bookkeeping, and not to be overlooked the rest of the internationally spread out and extended family and friends that keep an eye out for those one of a kind ideas.